Explore diverse opportunities and enjoy personal and professional benefits for sparkling careers @ PD Institute
A career with PD Institute provides an affluent and honoring professional path which offer challenges, enthusiasm, and enormous opportunities for career development.

Opportunities for Everyone!
Whether you are anticipating a great start to launch your career, developing an enduring line of business, or switching your career path, PD Institute provides dozens of career opportunities for everyone including:

  • Faculty Members or Employees interested in joining PD institute and work as a full-time staff
  • Budding professionals from gem & jewellery fraternity interested in sharing business merits and adding value to our competence working with us part-time

Working @ PDI
PD institute provide numerous opportunities for its employees' all round development. We respect versatile, capable and devoted personnel.

PDI also offers the best in industry compensation allowances to its employees, improving their quality of life.

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer!