PD Institute has associated itself with the industry's best of professionals. Our team is consists of a set of finest professionals and mentors who share the ideas, and have the passion to offer the best of knowledge to the scholars. All the faculties at PD Institute, either visiting or permanent, have been associated with their respective industry and have the relevant experience to impart training to the students.

Moreover, faculty, staff and management at PD Institute has an excellent rapport within the industry; and know the latest in their respective arenas. Hence are competent enough to transform students into budding professionals of tomorrow.

Group’s chairperson Mr. Pramod Darda is a far-sighted businessman. Since his start in the industry, he has set many milestones that are remarkable and inspirational to the next generation. His varied experience in the gem & jewellery industry makes him understand the need and requirement of the professionals in the industry. He has also taken up various social activities such as organizing blood donation & medical check-up camps every year.

The Managing Director of the institute Mr. Kamlesh Jain is there to inspire the students with his vast experience of corporate companies and world class institutions. He also ensures the basic needs of students in terms of proper education and training.

From Management’s Desk

Mr. Pramod Darda

Chairman PD Institute

It is giving me immense pleasure to set up PD Institute in the heart of pink city. To me it's a matter of pride to be a part of this fast expanding academic sector of designing, technical & marketing management. The prime objective of the institute will be to produce thoroughly honed professionals with practical knowledge which today's Gem & Jewelry industry demands.

India is now heading towards becoming financial superpower. While a predominant part of jewellery manufactured in the country is for domestic consumption, a large portion of rough and uncut gems is processed & exported from Jaipur. The Gem & Jewellery sector constitutes a big portion of country's total exports. It will give me great satisfaction if I am able to contribute my bit towards realizing this value status for our country through this institute.

Mr. Kamlesh Jain

Managing Director PD Institute

In today's scenario, the gem and jewellery industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy. It is a leading foreign exchange earner, as well as one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The Indian gem & jewellery market is dominated by the unorganized sector, but rapidly transforming into an organized sector.

It has become imperative that professionals are well-equipped with all the qualities to fulfill the need of fastest growing industry. They must know about all the parameters of cost cutting with improved quality standards to stay competitive in the market. Prime objective of PDI shall be achieved if we are able to produce some of the best professionals for this sector.

Changing lifestyle, urbanization, increasing purchasing power of youth and middle class and their increasing interest towards fashion are fuelling the growth of the gem & jewellery industry. Government is also supporting for the expansion of gem & jewellery industry and its export.

A number of employment avenues in Gem & Jewellery industry are opening up. At the same time today's young generation is aspiring to become successful entrepreneur as well as professional, it will be heartening to see their dreams fulfilled. This is our tiny effort in this direction...

Management Speaks